The Art of blogging…

Hello All,

And welcome to the first official blog for Crafty Kate on Tuesday 21st March 2017.
Goodness me.  
What unknown territory this is… 

Yes my friends, I am finally venturing into the prolific world of blogging and I tease you to humour me further…

So this Crafty Kate website has been running a while now.
It’s ticking over just fine and dandy. I’m proud of it. It’s my techno baby belonging to a techno dipstick. But for many moons people have been telling me I should start a blog. To add depth to the site and to give customers a little more than just a delightful hunt for the perfect toy box, but to give anyone who might be interested a little insight about myself.
Crafty Kate.

I have no clue what it is you are supposed to blog about on a business site. What on earth can I find to write about on a weekly basis when I’m mostly just paintbrush bound in my little workshop, listening to Radio one, drinking tea and keeping one eye on the clock in prep for frenzied school run.
So I’ve decided, that all I can possibly write about is about me, Kate Heath. Me and my characterful kids.
I am an absolute professor and expert, not to mention fountain of knowledge when it comes to my chaotic household. There is nobody more qualified than me to pass comment on it.
Aren’t you lucky folks?
Each one of you are free to feel gifted with a weekly deludge of my life as a single mum. A happy, calm, sunny mum camouflaging a ‘clinging on with polish chipped fingernails’ mum, to my daily battlefield of a life. At least that’s how it feels most days.
I am blessed with a beautiful 7 year old boy, introducing my son Alex.  

Alex has Autism. He was sent to me to teach me patience. Whilst parenting any child on the spectrum can be a challenge, sometimes downright exhausting, (as with any kiddy) but my boy is magical. He is kind & passive and mystical in an awe inspiring way. His mind works differently. That’s all.

I am also Mum to Darcey. A tantrum throwing, teenage minded 3 year old.

She is a diva in the fiercest possible way and I pity any male who treats her badly in her future. Actually what am I saying? If any man should treat her badly I say; “Let them have Darcey – unleash hell!”

I shall paint you pictures of all of our characters over the coming months and if I’ve got you this far, and you are still reading, then I trust I can add you to our little acoustic fan base? Oh go on.

It is my hope that you will want to check in on us and read more.

Because life for Crafty Kate is never dull & boring.
Actually most of the time it is. It’s bollocks.
But I will document it for you in the only way I know how.
By gifting you with a laugh. Ok a slight giggle. Or maybe even just a smirk. But I think I can do it.
Without stepping back and seeing the humour in life, without laughing at yourself or your over dramatic kids, or recognising that most of the time life is an absolute pisstake of a daily struggle – then where the hell would we be?

Bring on the blogging! And thank you for reading xxxx